Lana Andrews

PANTHEON OF LIFE (coming November 2023)

Cast down from Olympus for a crime she did not commit, the goddess Azraelle finds herself powerless among the mortal kingdom of Thesadel. Awakening to find her powers gone, Azraelle is faced for the first time with an uncertain fate.

With no way home and Olympus on her trail, Azraelle must seek help from the mortal princes for protection for both her and the demi-gods whose deaths she can foresee.

Prince Xadrion has spent his life doing his duty, unfulfilled but honour bound. When a wounded Azraelle falls in his path he could not have prepared for how much his fate would be forever changed.

When their destiny comes calling, Azraelle and Xadrion must decide how much they are both willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

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